A-Line Support Splint

AliMed® A-Line Support Splint

  • Reduces interference with A-line signals

  • Prevents line kinking, thereby reducing false alarms

  • Saves nurses from having to run back and forth to check on false alarms



AliMed® A-Line Support Splint improves access to the radial artery by positioning the wrist just right … every time. The skin is stretched taut, the artery is presented optimally, and the thumb is abducted – all of which facilitate cannulation. Available in two convenient versions. Not made with natural rubber latex.
3″W x 10-1/2″L

Economical strapless version is secured to the arm with adhesive-free bandages or with your own straps. 30/cs
Deluxe: Includes padded 1″W Beta Pile II™ straps to help reduce skin ulceration risk. No need to hunt for straps or bandages. It’s ready to use directly out of the package. 12/cs.

Top 5 reasons to use our A-Line Support:

1. Time saver: Eliminates time hunting for gauze and fashioning a makeshift arched wrist support. Spend time on patients, not on prep work.

2. Consistent insertions: With improvised methods, results can vary with each caregiver’s technique. The A-Line Support ensures a consistent, high-quality insertion every time.

3. Stable and correct positioning: This stable yet forgiving support is anatomically formed to keep the wrist placed in the optimal angle with the skin taut for the least painful stick possible.

4. Easy clean-up: Polyfoam base of the A-Line Support wipes clean easily, leaving minimal blood residue.

5. Improved patient comfort: A-Line Support secures the line firmly and comfortably. Soft with no sharp edges.


Standard A-Line Support, 30/pc, Deluxe A-Line Support, 12/pc