AliMed® Bariatric Bed Pan w/Anti-Splash


  • 1,200-lb. capacity

  • Easy placement, easy removal

  • Anti-splash, anti-spill

  • Wider seat for better patient comfort

  • Fully autoclavable and reusable

  • Bed Pan Holder Storage Rack also available

AliMed® Bariatric Bed Pan with Anti-Splash 

This Bariatric Bed Pan Accommodates all patients, including bariatric and obstetric patients with comfort and ease. Unlike standard bed pans, AliMed’s Bariatric Bed Pan has a low profile, a large and flat supportive area to accommodate larger patients, and is easy to place and remove. It is made of a high impact polyethylene which supports up to 1,200 lbs. and easily holds more than two quarts of liquid. The low back rim is only 1/2″ high, allowing users to glide onto the pan easily rather than having to lift and arch their back to allow the pan to be inserted. With the ability to service all patients and residents, this is the only bed pan a facility ever needs. The pan can be used in an autoclave up to 220°F and can be easily sanitized using standard facility cleaning and sanitizing protocols.


Width: 14- 1/4 ”
Length: 15″
Height: 3″
Weight: 14 oz.
Capacity: 1200 lbs

 Fully autoclavable and reusable • Cleaning and care instructions included