AliMed® IQ Sensor Alarm


  • Small, lightweight, and easy-to-handle

  • Strong, rugged design ensures long-term use

  • Extended battery life


IQ Sensor Fall Alarm A reliable, versatile, and full-featured alarm, the IQ Sensor Fall Alarm promptly alerts staff when patients attempt to leave their bed or chair, avoiding potentially serious injury due to falls.

With a range of easy-to-set options, the sensor alarm can be quickly configured for a single patient’s needs or for an entire floor. Once activated, the alarm’s protected settings and “Always On” technology eliminate the need for staff reconfiguration, and its bright status indicators ensure the alarm is functioning properly.

Compatible with all AliMed® sensors, the IQ Sensor Fall Alarm works in tandem with pressure and ultra-thin sensor pads, roll-control bed belts, seatbelts, or cushions, to create a complete fall monitoring system.


Case of 10, Single