Universal Straps

AliMed® Universal Straps


  • Soft against patient

  • Versatile – Hook adheres to either side of strap

  • Extremely high closure strength

  • Economical and reusable




AliMed® Universal Straps

These Universal Straps are unique and extremely strong straps that can accommodate just about any patient strapping job! The entire strap length is double-sided loop material, so the hook can securely close on any area on either side. Shorten the strap to accommodate the smaller patient by overlapping the one-piece circumferential strap. Loosen the overlap for the larger patient. To permantently shorten a strap, simply scissor-trim the blue loop material to the appropriate length. The versatile strap of choice!


2"W x 76"L, 2"W x 96"L, 3"W x 76"L, 3"W x 96"L, 4"W x 76"L, 4"W x 96"L, 6"W x 76"L, 6"W x 96"L