AliStrap Soft



  • Alistrap soft is padded, so it’s softer and more comfortable against skin

  • Back-to-back one-piece hook-and-loop construction

  • Strong, versatile

  • For special cases involving fragile skin

AliStrap Soft

Where fragile skin is a concern, the strap of choice is AliStrap Soft.

This even softer version of AliStrap uses an internally padded loop, rather than the conventional woven loop. The padded loop has a softer surface with built-in internal foam layer between the hook-and-loop. Most users rely on the original AliStrap for standard use and defer to AliStrap Soft for special cases involving particularly fragile skin.
Padded for comfort against skin. Back-to-back, one-piece hook-and-loop construction. Strong, versatile. Convenient 30′ rolls. Cut to any length. Choose 1-1/2″ or 2″ widths. Beige.


1.5"W, 2"W