AliStrap ®



  • Gentle on skin

  • AliStrap® has no adhesive, unlike tape

  • Exclusive SoftEdge™ design acts like a soft padded edge

  • AliStrap® is the answer to all your positioning, taping and strapping needs

AliStrap® is hook-and-loop strapping with a BIG difference. The hook-and-loop is permanently combined, back-to-back, in one continuous 30-foot roll. Never again worry about finding specific length straps or matching pieces of hook-and-loop straps. All you do is cut a length from the roll and wrap it onto itself for a secure attachment.

Unlike tape, AliStrap has no adhesive. No more sticky tape residue from straps to damage expensive equipment, no more fumbling with messy tape, no more adhesive pull to hurt patient.

AliStrap’s exclusive SoftEdge™ design acts like a soft padded edge. By eliminating sharp, rigid edges commonly found on other straps, you protect the patient’s skin from irritation and discomfort during long surgical procedures.

AliStrap ® is the answer to all your taping, positioning and strapping needs in one easy-to-use product. One dispensable material…countless uses. All rolls are 30 feet long.

Not made with natural rubber latex.

U.S. Patent #5,015,251


Regular 1.5", Wide 3", X-Wide 5", Narrow 0.75"