Carex Uplift Seat Assist



  • Pneumatic spring-assist
  • Comfortable, low-profile, easy-to-use
  • Flattens for easy transport
  • Built-in handle

More About This Product

Carex Uplift Seat Assist™ This comfortable, low-profile, easy-to-use lifting cushion has a spring to help the user stand up. Memory foam, with water-resistant coating, to help protect against pressure sores. Waterproof cover is machine-washable in cold water. Flattens for easy transport. Built-in handle. Available in Plus size to accommodate users weighing between 195 to 350 lbs.

Uplift Assists™ help keep users active and independent while making assisted transfers a breeze for the caregiver. These handy assists help relieve stress and strain on joints, lifting up to 80% of user’s weight. All Uplift Assists are self-powered, using a hydropneumatic lift actuator that lifts user up to a height of 9″. Custom-adjust to user’s weight–simply select one size setting between 80 and 230 lbs (195 – 350 lbs for the Plus). The more strength the user is able to exert, the less lift it provides. This dynamic design helps the user to maintain muscle strength.

Standard: 80 – 230 lb. capacity • Plus: 195 – 350 lb. capacity • Weight 21 lbs. • 17″W x 19″D; 2″H closed


Uplift Seat Assist, Standard, 17"W x 19"D, #1069, Uplift Seat Assist Plus, 17"W x 19"D, #1961