GelPro Medical Mats 20″W X 32″L


  • Maximum comfort on hard surfaces for surgeons, nurses, and technicians
  • Antimicrobial and Cal 177-compliant


GelPro Medical Mats offer maximum comfort for surgeons, nurses, and technicians who stand for long periods of time and are ideal for operating rooms, radiology, and labs. Top surface is antimicrobial and antibacterial and offers the necessary friction levels for wet or dry environments. Dual-density 1/2″ gel and 1/4″ energy-return foam center improves comfort, ergonomics, and energy during and after procedures and features a high-traction bottom surface. Easy to clean and compatible with hospital-grade quaternary cleaners. Welded, waterproof construction.

3/4″ thick • Polyurethane top • CAL 117-compliant • Antimicrobial • Made in the USA • 1-year warranty

The GelPro Mats Advantage:

The anti-fatigue mat that performs at a medical professional level. The difference is what’s Inside. Medical GelPro Mats are scientifically engineered with patented gel technology to provide the lasting relief and comfort doctors, surgeons, technicians, and nurses need. The GelPro gel contours to the shape of feet to relieve fatigue and discomfort. The top surface provides the necessary friction level for either damp or dry surgical booties. The revolutionary gel core helps distribute weight evenly to ease discomfort when standing for long procedures.

Studies show that GelPro Mats improve comfort and ergonomics in hospital settings, reducing the margin of error.
“Less fatigue. Better performance. The bottom line is I will not operate without a GelPro Mat.”
— Dr. Jaime Landman, MD