IceAlert Ice Warning System

  •  Protects employees and visitors from ice related slips and fall accidents
  • IceAlert System Universal Mount changes color as temperature falls, warning of possible icy conditions
  • Explanatory IceAlert signs alert pedestrians to the system

IceAlert System™ is a temperature-sensitive indicator that helps reduce the risk of costly slips and falls at your facility. 6″ diameter indicators help alert you to icy walking areas by giving you three color-changing temperature indications — above freezing, transition, and freezing. IceAlert allows quick identification of dangerous areas from a distance. Protect patients, customers, visitors and staff from ice related fall injuries at exits and entryways, on walkways and stairs, and in parking lots. Protect your facility against liability. Units are easily installed at building exits, near stairs and walkways, and in parking areas. The system uses Bluestar Technology™ now in use on roadways. Easy-to-install, stand-alone units require no electricity. Units are rugged, reliable,and very cost-effective.