OAsys Carticare OTS Knee brace

OAsys Carticare OTS


  • Double upright brace
  • Accutrac® ROM hinges for adjustable range of motion
  • Quick and easy to put on or take off




OAsys® Carticare OTS Off-the-shelf double upright brace provides medial or lateral compartment unloading for the relief of OA knee pain, plus support for ligament instability. Accutrac® ROM hinges and an Acculign™ slide bar make it suitable for post-op and long-term rehab protocols requiring unloading and/or adjustable flexion/extension control. Quick-release buckles make the brace easy to put on and take off. Silver.

Sizing: Measure circumference just below distal border of the patella. Caliper (not included) measurement M/L at joint width in a standard weight-bearing position.
Small: 11″ to 12-1/4″, caliper 3-3/8″ to 3-7/8″
Medium: 12-1/4″ to 13-7/8″, caliper 3-7/8″ to 4-3/8″
Large: 13-7/8″ to 15-7/8″, caliper 4-3/8″ to 5″
X-Large: 15-7/8″ to 17-3/8″, caliper 5″ to 5-1/2″
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