Alimed Universal Econo-Straps



Alimed Universal Econo-straps are:

  • Inexpensive enough to be a disposable strap

  • Have a strong, secure strap construction

  • Comfortable against patient’s skin


AliMed® Universal Econo-Straps.

These Econo-straps combines five feet of easy-catch loop on one side of the strap, doughy-soft padded sponge on the other side of the strap, and 10″ of strong hook material at the end – delivering maximum skin protection, ultimate adjustability and excellent closure strength. Strap easily wraps around any body part from finger to foot. Cut strap to any length needed for the best patient fit. Universal Econo-Strap has no rough edges that would irritate skin. Use Econo-Strap for surgery, imaging, or critical care. Great when straps need to be replaced often. Beige.


3" W, 4" W